Civil disobedience in a bottle – changing the world never tasted so good.
Not for the 1%. Kick up a ruckus, climb the barricades and rage against the machine. Sick and tired of being dosed into submission with fizz-pop lagers brewed en masse akin to the ways of the military-industrial complex? The fistful of hops in this baby will make you empty this deceptively session-able amber ale quicker than you can say ‘let them eat cake’. "From the premium pale malt base that delivers luxurious flavour, this wildly aromatic amber ale brims with the colour and depth of red crystal malts before finishing dry. While Green Bullet hops from NZ and US heavyweights Amarillo, Cascade, Chinook and Mt. Hood rage and riot in defiance of mediocrity."
bitterness |
35 IBU
Strength  |
4,6% ABV
c0lor |
23 EBC

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